Direct Admission in MBBS - 2022

Most Indian parents want their child to be a doctor and it is one of the most gifted and dignified professions in the universe. You might have seen how the doctors in India fought really hard during the Covid-19 lock-down.

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MBBS Course Overview

Earlier, before joining any course please do know about the course first. Just try to understand the subjects you have to study, the scope, salary, etc. Most importantly if the student is interested enough and dedicated enough to study this course, since it is one of the toughest courses to study.

There nothing much to discuss the scope and salary of MBBS as it is one of the best courses in the world.

MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

Course Duration: 4.5 years of academics + 1-year compulsory internship.

You have to study the following subjects during the course period:

  • Physiology.
  • Bio-chemistry.
  • Anatomy.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Microbiology.
  • Pathology.
  • Forensic medicine.
  • General Medicine.
  • Community medicine.
  • Psychology.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Anesthesiology.
  • Dermatology.
  • Venerology.
  • Ophthalmology.
  • Orthopedics.
  • Surgery.

There will be a 12-month compulsory internship during which you will be posted in each department to get a good clinical experience and practical exposure with the patients.

That is the time when you will be able to learn clinical work easily and gain the confidence to practice an individual doctor.

Excited to take direct admission in MBBS? Then let us go through the complete details.


How to take direct admission in MBBS?

Before introducing the NEET-UG entrance exam it was very easy to take MBBS direct admission in India. You must have the basic eligibility criteria and you can directly join by paying the fees.

But now there is a very lengthy procedure for taking MBBS. There are many steps involved in taking direct admission in India.

I will list the steps first and explain it in detail below.

  1. Qualify for the NEET-UG entrance exam.
  2. Register for state counseling.
  3. Document verification procedure.
  4. First-round counseling.
  5. Second Round counseling.
  6. MOP-UP Round.
  7. Direct admission.

Step 1: Qualify NEET-UG Entrance Exam

The first and important step is to apply for the NEET-UG entrance exam and qualify for the exam. September 13th is the date for NEET-UG2021.

Now the next question which comes to your mind is -> Can I get direct MBBS admission without NEET?

The answer is NO.

For taking admission to any medical college in India or even abroad, you must qualify for the NEET exam.

Even if you want to take MBBS admission abroad you have to qualify for NEET.

Step 2: Register for State Counselling

Now that you have qualified for the exam you have to attend the counseling conducted by the state authorities or central authority i.e MCC.

Every state has its separate counseling, however, some state invites students from all over the country to register for the counseling procedures in their private medical colleges whereas some state doesn’t.

Is it necessary to attend the counseling if I am going to take direct admission?

Of course, you have to register and also attend the counseling procedures. Firstly, you have to lock your options and try through merit by applying in the counseling procedure.

Important: If you didn’t attend the complete counseling procedure, then you won’t be eligible to take direct admission in MBBS in any state.

Step 3: Document Verification

After the registration, there would be a process of document verification either through online or offline mode. In offline mode, the counseling authorities will ask the students to come to different centers in the state for verification of their documents, whereas in online mode some necessary documents listed on the website have to be uploaded.

You have to carry all the original documents, which the officials will cross-check and give you a verification slip.

In a few states, the candidates must also submit a demand draft of 1 lakh or 2 lakh rupees towards the government as security, which will be refunded to your bank account after the counseling procedures.

Now, most of the procedures left will be online.

Step 4: First Counselling

The first and second counseling will be online. You have to log in to the portal with your login credentials.

After that, you have to choose the college of your choice in descending order. After choosing you have to lock the choices and submit them.

Then comes the first counseling results. If you have been allotted any seats, then you can see it now. If not, then you have to attend the 2nd counseling.

Step 5: Second Counseling

The same procedure of the first round of counseling repeats here. If you are not able to secure MBBS seats in the second round, then you can attend the MOP-UP round.

Step 6: MOP-UP Round

This round is completely offline in most of the states in India. The vacant seats after the second round will be given through the MOP-UP round for students who are present at the counseling center. center. However, some state like Karnataka conducts online mode of MopUp.

You didn’t get MBBS admission through the MOP-UP round too? Now comes the direct admission part.

Step 7: Direct Admission to MBBS

The leftover or vacant seats are transferred to the management and the offline stray vacancy round is conducted by the college. we can help you guide you through the entire process and secure a seat.

Choosing Suitable MBBS College

There are hundreds of medical colleges in India and it is not an easy task choosing the best one suitable for you.

I just made a checklist that will make it easier for you to choose the best private MBBS college for you.

Let me give you a brief about choosing a medical college first. Then I will explain in detail each factor.

  • College with proper affiliations and approvals.
  • College with great patient exposure.
  • Medical college with great faculties.
  • The college must have the latest equipment.
  • Affordable tuition and extra fees.

Affiliations & Approvals

The college must be affiliated to a reputed university and also approved by the Medical Council of India or MCI.

Last year more than 20 colleges lost their approval from the MCI. Before joining the college please go through the official MCI website.

Patient Exposure

The main aim of a doctor is to treat patients. So in order to have treating or clinical experience, the college must have excellent patient exposure.

There must be enough patients for the students and you must enquire about the patient-student ratio.


You must also have a clear idea about the head of each department under whom you will be learning.

The college must have the best faculties, especially in the clinical departments.

Technologies & Equipment

The medical college must be using the latest equipment and technologies for treating patients.

This will make you updated about the latest technologies used in the healthcare industry.

Tuition fees and Extra Fees

Most of the medical colleges in India charge any hidden charges. Before joining any college you must have a clear idea about the extra charges.

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